Becky and Sam are creative cousins. 

Hi there! We are creative cousins, Becky and Sam. We have our grandmother, Margaret “Maggie” Moore, to thank. Maggie was an artist who bought her granddaughters their first Learn to Draw sets, took us to art supply shops for the best kind of shopping sprees and spent many late nights with us, up until the wee hours watching David Letterman, drinking tea and doodling.

With our love of hand lettering and paper goods, we decided to take what our grandmother had taught us and start a creative biz doing what we truly love while carrying on our family tradition. It made perfect sense that the business should be named for our grandmother and Maggie Moore Studio was born in 2019. All our designs are hand drawn, with a focus on the art of type, and many celebrate our family’s Baltimore roots, just the way our grandmother would have wanted it. While she is no longer with us, Gmom’s spirit is with us as the inspiration behind everything we do.

Thank you for your interest in Maggie Moore Studio!